Food Bloggers Are Here to Stay

I came across this article in Serious Eats about a blogger who became a food critic.
I know many people are getting chills up their spine as we speak. A lot of people don’t like the blog world. They might feel threatened, feel that it’s not fair or are just not able to connect with this nonchalent style of writing. For me blogging is my life. I sit down almost everyday to write and on the days that I don’t I feel gulty, sad, distant. I feel like I am being a bad girlfriend. Blogging makes me feel complete. It has opened up my world to a life of words. It has taught me to write again, even if some may not consider it writing. It is practice. It is like sharpening your brain everyday. Elderly people should blog so they can stop the again process.
Blogging has introduced me to so many people. I have a whole bunch of blog friends.
People I can turn to when I am down. People that live in other continents. People that are food obsessed like me. People that speak languages that I will never understand.
I am part of a blogging community and no one can take that from me.

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