Day: August 20, 2007

  • Vegetable Hack for Kids

    Vegetable Hack for Kids

    When I hear people say that their kid’s don’t eat vegetables, it makes me so sad.  An entire food group! This is their base in life. This is where it all starts.  Not only are we building their healthy little bodies but we are building their habits for life. Here is a little hack that […]

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  • An Easy Guide to Getting More Iron

    An Easy Guide to Getting More Iron

    This is a guest post by dietician, Ilanit Fananes. An Easy Guide to Getting More Iron Making sure we get enough iron in our diets isn’t always high on our list of priorities. Here is a quick explanation of everything you need to know about iron intake and how to easily incorporate more into your […]

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  • American Lamb Jam

    I just wanted to share information about a really fun event happening next week. From the press release: American Lamb Jam. On Sunday, November 2, 16 top Seattle chefs and more than 750 lamb ‘lovers will gather at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center for the Global Flavors Lamb Jam Tour, the annual multi-city culinary […]

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