Austin Cantina

Saturday, I finally got to try out the new restaurant, Austin Cantina. The place is
super casual with cactus paintings and a miniature cactus on each table. The atmosphere is laid back and despite the fact that the tables were full, the chef
greeted people at the door with a smile. It reminded me of a diner but Mexican style. It was doing well for it’s one week Anniversary.

I ordered the nachos with homemade guacamole and salsa. I tasted cherry in something but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Was it in the salsa or in the guacamole? I asked the waitress and she explained that they roasted the tomatillos in the guacamole which gives it a unique taste. It tasted perfect! I ordered grilled northwest chicken with a sweet chipotle glaze. It came with black beans and rice. The chicken was extremely moist which is pleasantly surprising because a lot of the time chicken in restaurants is dry. The food tasted great. I regretted not ordering the plantain empanadas. I am trying not to eat too much fried food. I think the table next to me noticed me staring at their empanadas. I should at least try not to drool next time.

The total came out to 19.60= chips and salsa 5.50+ coke 2.50( not even real coke but R.C Cola)+ polla la plancha 10.50 + tax. This was the only downfall, a tad bit pricy.
I would definitely go back, seems like the type of place where everyone knows your name.

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