A Short Trip to Banff and Sorroundings

I just got back from a pre-wedding vacation in Banff. I needed to stock up on energy
for a crazy month. Yes, actually less than a month until the day that I say those meaningful words ” I DO”. Okay, I am not going to make anyone nauseous with details but I still have to choose the menu and taste all the choices, send out the invites, choose the music that I want the D.J’s to play and turn in to bridezilla for at least a bit. I don’t know if you can become bridezilla a month before the wedding. Maybe it will be an overnight transformation, like what happened to the guy from Teen Wolf.
Most of the food we ate was either fast food or stuff we bought at the supermarket.
I even changed my views on Safeway. In Seattle, Whole Foods is my favorite place to
grocery shop. There are so many choices, Q.F.C, Trader Joe’s and Metropolitan Market. In the Banff area, the only one I could find was the Safeway. I have to admit that it isn’t that bad at all.
My most memorable meal on the trip was dinner at The Red Deer Lounge. We stared through the window at erect pine trees, side by side like toy soldiers, forming a stunning green gate of perfection.

I grew up in Montreal so Canada brought back so many memories…..fat kid memories. I was one of those kids that ate junk all day. My eyes lit up at the mere sight of Smarties, Poutine and
Maple Leaf cookies. Thank Heavens, I grew out of that stage. Now that I think back,
I think I never realized that Cabbage Patch Dolls were actually associated with vegetables. If I only I would have known. I probably would have begged my mom for more Strawberry Shortcake dolls.
These days kids play with swollen lip hooker dolls called Brats. What ever happened to the innocent wrinkly California Raisins? Did they get Botox or go on a diet?

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