After months of preparation the day finally arrived. It was a day like no other. The happiest day of my life, the way a wedding day should be. As nauseating as this may sound, it was perfect in every way.
The day started with a picture field trip with the photographer. We even stopped for some good old lemon sorbet. Lipstick can be easily be reapplied but the tangy lemony texture of sorbet lingering on your tongue can not be neglected, not even for my own wedding.
Chandeliers and white flowers were placed on top of silver and black tablecloths giving the hall a ballroom flair. There were many square shaped vases filled with fluffy banana shaped candies, color bursting gummy worms and other colorful sugar confections. Candy at a wedding might sound slightly bizarre but I knew it was just perfect when I saw women with updoes elegantly slurping worms into their mouth.
What would you expect from a foodie?
The food was served Asado style. I of course didn’t have time to eat. I was too busy puckering up for the cameras and dancing with the guests to the D.J’s tunes which were mostly hit songs from the 80’s and 90’s.
The hilarious part of the night was when my relatives put us up on chairs and swung us in the air. A crazy Jewish tradition that gets everyone dancing. I shook with fear when the chair raised up in the air. Just as I started to relax my face muscles, they tipped me over and I slid down the chair hitting my chin on the other chair and falling smack in the middle of the dance floor. Mind over matter, I picked myself up and pretended that everything was fine until the end of the song when I met my mom at the bottom of the stairs to count the teeth in my mouth.
Did I mention the walking down the aisle part? My nervousness had some negative effects on me.
I got sick to my stomach right before I had to walk down the aisle. I can’t imagine what the guests were thinking. Finally I made it out and put on a cool, relaxed face. To this day, a lot of people don’t know why it took us so long to walk down the aisle.
I can’t imagine a better wedding day, a day full of smiles, happy people and a few
endorphin releasing laughs.


Written by franticfoodie

I am Keren Brown (note: Keren with 2 E's). I love living in Seattle, I think the weather here is fabulous and spend my days writing, organizing and planning food events. Read about Seattle food events, recipes or just immerse in the food obsession. Check out my other blog in the Seattle PI

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