This is part 3 of my foodie tour of the market with a friend who just moved here. Click here for
Part 1 and Part 2.

After the Spanish Table, I took my friend to Beecher’s. This is where you can peak in the window and watch them make cheese or just hop in to the store and have a cheesy meal. Frantic Foodie Gift Tip: How about a Cheese basket? Choose your favorite cheeses and the Pure Flavor cookbook with the recipe for the “World’s Best Macaroni and Cheese“.

The next stop was at The Souk(1916 Pike Place). I love the Middle Eastern spices and all the fascinating exotic food products. Frantic Foodie Food Tip: Get the labaneh and the zaatar spice. Labaneh is a Middle Eastern cheese that tastes like a mix between yogurt, sour cream and cheese. In a post a while back I wrote about how to serve it.

The next stop was La Mexicana(1914 Pike Place). This is a little Mexican store where I like to warm up with a tamale before I continue my walk.

Then I took her around the corner to my favorite secret in the market, Cafe Yarmurka(1530 Post Alley 3A). I eat there all the time! I order stuffed cabbage rolls with a dollop of sour cream. I introduced this place to a Russian friend from New York and she refused to eat anywhere else for the two weeks she was here.

We then continued to Cinnamon Works(1530 Pike Place) to drool as we looked at the pastries. Huge cinnamon rolls, enormous muffins and all the ingredients are listed. Great for people with allergies.

Next stop was Sotto Voce (1532 Pike Place) for an olive oil tasting experience. Frantic Foodie Tip: A high quality olive oil is a great gift.
The next stop was The Confectional. Luckily it was their anniversary that day and they were giving out Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles. Give the gift of chocolate!
The last stop for the day was at La Bueno Tavola(1524 Pike Place). I like to taste the interesting dips and truffle oils. Frantic Foodie Gift Find: Beautiful kitchen towels(see picture). They have wine tasting everyday between 1-5. 5 dollars for 3 wine samples. Read my post for more.
We called it a day. We were stuffed and really tired. We sat near the water to relax…….
I love Seattle.

Any suggestions? Other Foodie Finds?


Written by franticfoodie

I am Keren Brown (note: Keren with 2 E's). I love living in Seattle, I think the weather here is fabulous and spend my days writing, organizing and planning food events. Read about Seattle food events, recipes or just immerse in the food obsession. Check out my other blog in the Seattle PI

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