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BOOM- Bloggers That Make You Go Boom!

The last Seattle Food Blogger Meetup was at Boom Noodle. Boom is the new noodle joint in Capitol Hill.

Food Bloggers (the order in which we sat):
Lara from Cook and Eat
Ronald from Cornichon
Katrin from Simply Culture
Seadevi from Capitol Hill Triangle
Matthew Amster-Burton (Mamster) from Roots and Grubs
Lesa from The Pink Hobart
Mohini from Mango Power Girl
Layla from laylita

There were also a few lucky husbands who attended (a wife that cooks is always a plus)!

As usual the foodie gossip didn’t stop. Restaurant names were being thrown around, we exchanged gifts and someone even got bacon salt. I am pretty sure that every blogger I know has tasted bacon salt by now.

Looking forward to see all the foodies again soon, thanks guys!


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