Yes I am a foodie.
My eyes sparkle at the sight of a homemade dish that I have not yes experienced.
My nose can sniff melted butter from miles away. I don’t eat as much as I want to. I am very careful about what I eat 80% percent of the day so that I can eat what I want to during the rest of the time. I eat lots of whole grains and insane amounts of vegetables.
Here are my foodie rules.

1. I would rather butter over sugar. Butter doesn’t cause me to feel guilty. Sugar makes
me feel hungry and tired.
2. I never eat soup at restaurants unless it is a really good restaurant and I know that they make the soup from scratch.
3. I am slightly lactose intolerant but I will eat any dairy products when out of the house. I will not risk getting a stomach ache for processed cheese or fake milk products. I will risk a stomach ache for risotto any day of the week.
4. I almost never have any cookies in my house unless they are homemade or really good store-bought cookies. There is no way that I would risk my foodie calories for some boring cookie.
5. At home I only drink water.

Note: I try to live by these rules but I tend to break them sometimes. Nobody is perfect.

What are your foodie rules?

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pagewanted=1&_r=1&ref=dining”>foodie lifestyles….


Written by franticfoodie

I am Keren Brown (note: Keren with 2 E's). I love living in Seattle, I think the weather here is fabulous and spend my days writing, organizing and planning food events. Read about Seattle food events, recipes or just immerse in the food obsession. Check out my other blog in the Seattle PI

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