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Passover Cooking Recipes

I am busy getting ready for Passover this year and I thought I would pop in to tell you about my favorite Passover Recipe of all time.

(I am sorry if you read about these last year but I am so in love with them!)
The sweet and sour meatballs! These are the quickest, easiest and sweetest meatballs around. They are perfect to make ahead and freeze. They are especially amazing for kids. They are from the book called Second Helpings Please by cookbook author Norene Gilletz.
Norene is basically the pioneer of Jewish Recipes!
I just got her new book, Norene’s Healthy Kitchen and will write about it soon. I have been trying recipes and I am absolutely in love with the ones that I have tried so far.

Eileen Mintz put together a bunch of admirable recipes for Passover, click here for more details.

I made this Passover Honey Nut Cake in Soaking Syrup this morning. I had to check the recipe before I made it for Passover. It came out quite thin so I will have to double the recipe. The taste is incredibly moist and sweet. I will use a lot less syrup because the syrup makes it a tiny bit too sweet.

If you have any Passover suggestions, please add them in the comments.


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