Whole Foods , Where the Prices Are Not That Bad!

I am addicted to Whole Foods Market. I confess. A day of relaxation for me is a stroll through the Whole, admiring all the choices and enjoying a slice of pizza.

People always give me this dirty look when I say that I buy things at Whole Foods.

Have you ever tried a recipe from Bon Appetit, Food and Wine or Gourmet? I always buy ingredients for these recipes at Whole Foods. Buying 10 different types of nuts really jacks up the price. It is so much easier to buy the nuts in bulk. I buy just one cup of cranberries or a tiny bit of a spice or even a sliver of cheese.

On my favorite food website Serious Eats, I posted my take on Whole Foods so I could hear what other foodies think?

I don’t understand why people are always complaining about Whole Foods?
I have a whole list of things that are cheaper there then at other Stores.
Feta Cheese (same price as others and 100 times better)
All the whole food brand products
sour cream, buttermilk
they have a daily meat and poultry special: many times the beef is really cheap, chicken is on sale a lot.
What do you get at Whole Foods and can any store compare? Please don’t say Trader Joes because the quality does not even compare to Whole Foods in my opinion.

34 comments later, people voiced their opinion on Whole Foods.
Check out the post. What do you think of Whole Foods?

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