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Food Blogger Meetup Capital Grille

Have you ever noticed how one ripe banana can speed up the ripening process of all the fruits around it?
The bloggers have officially ripened. Let the summer begin!
When I started the blogger events a while ago,I just hoped that people with similar interests would start talking. It was awkward at first for some. Introducing your blog to a room full of foodies was somewhat intimidating.
Last night the chemistry changed, each blogger finally ripened, revealing such sweet unique personalities. For the first time I can actually say that the chemistry between each and every blogger was better than any of us could possibly imagine.
Is it the sweet summer lurking around the corner that is speeding up the process? Is it just about time that apples and bananas realize that they have something truly genuine in common?

The atmosphere last night was one of the reasons for such a success. We sat in one of the private rooms at the Capital Grille. The lights were dimmed, the mood was set and we were wined and dined by some of the most courteous and welcoming waitstaff that I have ever encountered. Around twenty of us voracious eaters, made strange sounds with our mouths as we continued to indulge and indulge and well, indulge again.

Our meal started with some appetizers: kobe beef carpaccio, lobster & dungeness crab cakes and pan-fried calamari with hot cherry peppers. There was one dish that I could not stop eating. I was literally mesmerized by the combination of flavors, fresh mozarella, heirloom tomatoes and basil. The 12 year balsamic vinegar added the uniquely sweet and acidic taste that turned this salad into perfection. It seems like such a simple caprese salad but when the ingredients are right, nothing could beat this taste. By the end of the salad, I was almost full.
My husband ended up eating my kona crusted dry aged sirloin even before I got a chance too, along with his own sirloin. I am always more preoccupied with the sides, allowing myself to have unlimited creaminess when dining out. Would I let myself obsessively overuse the butter at home? No way! Restaurants are just the time when all rules jump out the window and the carbs keep on coming. The mashed potatoes were the creamiest and I made Rachel of eateatenjoy steal the mashed potatoes from the other side of the table. She had no problem demanding the potatoes and I had no problem filling any gaps on my plate with silky mashed potatoes.
I heard a lot of oowing and awwing in the direction of the Lobster Mac and cheese on my side of the table.

We had an elephant gift exchange, the kind of exchange where you bring in gifts for everyone and turn by turn you get to choose your gift. Others have the choice if they want to steal your gift. Their was some stealing going on. Cakespy’s brought a pack of her own gift cards. When I say her own, I mean she actually does the design and draws lots of cupcake cartoons in super cute situations. Ronald of Cornichon actually got the cards and although many contemplated it, no one had the nerve to snatch the cards from Ronald.

Another event was a huge success, the most fabulous inviting people all in one room. I can’t wait until the next one.

The blogger list was extensive: eateatenjoy,cakespy,Simply Culture, Laylita,winewall,Cornichon,Pink Hobart, Italian Woman at the Table, Jay from Seattlest, Mintz her words, Anticiplate,
Seattle Tall Poppy
There was also Annie Beckman a well-known food writer in Seattle. We had professional eaters too : the significant others of the bloggers.

The gift exchange corner


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