Salty’s, What a View!

I have heard the name Salty’s so many times since I moved to Seattle. Finally I went to Salty’s on Alki Beach for the first time.

The dinner started off with a huge assortment of rolls including fresh savory scones. I actually filled up on the scones because they were so addictive.
I ordered the Halibut with Beurre Blanc and Risotto with Corn and Asparagus as a side dish. The halibut was delightful and the risotto was deliciously creamy. The place was packed, the people were positive and the service was great.
The dinner was one of those” I love Seattle” experiences, especially when I watched the sun come down right on the water. So romantic! Next time I have guests from out of town, I know where I am taking them.

After I got home I was talking to a friend about the experience (I must add that this person is quite picky when it comes to food)

Me: I went to Salty’s
The food was really amazing.
Him: Of course, that is why they always win so many awards (best Sunday brunch, best seafood and steakhouse in Seattle and Portland and the list goes on).
Me: So what do you think it is about it?
Him: They have great service, lots of staff and they use fresh ingredients.

It all made sense!

My husband made me put this picture because he loved the chocolate cake!

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