Herbivoracious Dinner

Michael from Herbivoracious invited my husband and I for a six course vegetarian dinner last week.
My husband found it hard to digest the fact that a vegetarian dinner could be just as filling and full of flavors as one made with meat dishes.
Michael’s classy thoughtfully presented dinner proved to my husband that vegetables combined with the right amount of patience and skill can create a unique symphony of flavors, a truly unforgettable dinner.
The theme of the menu was asparagus. Dinner started with a buckwheat blini topped with asparagus caviar and creme fraiche. Another dish was a Panko crusted hard boiled egg with smoked asparagus and sherry gastrique. The smokiness of the vegetable gave it a more savory taste and texture and the crust on the egg offered a surprise to the dish.
Have you ever had a Panko crusted hard boiled egg? Probably not, I am pretty sure Michael invented it.
Everyone was raving about his Grapefruit Shiso Sorbet. The shiso leaf had a minty touch that complemented the refreshing sorbet.
He put together a flavorful risotto with asparagus tips, morels and mascarpone. You can’t underestimate the flavors of fresh, high quality ingredients like these.
All courses were a flavor surprise and anticipating the taste of each new beautifully plated dish was a huge part of the fun. The people were sweet, the conversation flowing and the food was marvelously well done.
The real question is: Michael, where can we taste more of your wonderful dishes?

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