Happy Birthday Truffle Cafe

Last night, I went to La Buona Tavola’s, 5 year birthday celebration. The party was blessed with music by Andre Feriante, the ever so talented flamenco guitarist who was included in MSN’s 12 sexy bald men. Unfortunately I only got a picture of him playing and didn’t get a picture of his dreamy light coloured eyes.
You can catch him live at Hotel 1000, every Friday and Saturday, 8-midnight
Bob Crosby charmed the crowd with Italian opera singing and enchanting stories to go with it.
Most of the people attending were regular tasters, who participate in the wine tastings each month or stop by for the 5 dollar daily wine tastings held everyday from 1-5.
A huge 3 liter bottle of Prosseco was shared with the crowd along with lots of other wines.
In case you aren’t familiar with La Buona Tavola…It is a specialty food store in the Pike Place Market that carries truffles, truffle salt, truffle oil and other specialty foods of every kind. Read about the place in a post that I wrote a while back.

David, Rei(The Truffle Queen) and the huge bottle!

Pana Carasau, a Sardinian bread brushed with olive oil and some salt

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