Natural Bacon Salt has arrived!

I am happy to let you know that Bacon Salt has finally come out with a natural version and it tastes just as great!

Okay so you don’t know Bacon Salt. It’s everywhere. I mean everywhere and it has been for a while. Just lately the natural version came out and that is what I am excited about!

So what is the point of natural bacon salt? Duh! It makes everything taste like bacon. I like it on my eggs. It’s kosher, has zero calories and is gluten free. I recently gave it to a friend who eats kosher and she said ” oh that is what bacon tastes like”. So thanks, bacon salt for taking my friends bacon virginity.

There is one more thing that I love about bacon salt. The creators are actually smart Seattleites. You can read the story about how they made it big using facebook as a tool right here.

Bacon salt is a blogger!

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