Seattle Events

Bite of Seattle is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Lots of restaurants are offering small portions at small prices, top chefs will be doing demos at the Bite Cooks ( hosted by Thierry Rautureau, the Chef in the Hat) and a special alley hosted by Tom Douglas with some more upscale restaurants (9.50 a person for a tasting of seven restaurants, portion of proceeds goes to Food Lifeline)
For more info, click here

Also this weekend……… Sequiem Lavender Festival
Click here for more details

Be sure to check out Cedarbrook cafe at the Cedarbrook lavender and herb farm. Last year we went to visit the place. The cafe wasn’t open yet if I remember correctly but the farm was beautiful. Here is my post about it.

On Tuesday, the 22nd, Olivar, the new Spanish Restaurant will be opening on Capitol Hill.
There will be small plates, a prix fixe menu and a complimentary small plate for each table. Reservations recommended
For more info, click here
This place is going to be great!

The murals at Olivar date back to 1929-1930.
olivar 044

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