If You Live In Seattle, You better Love Chocolate!

Lately it seems like chocolate is becoming the new Seattle choice for foodies.
New chocolatiers are everywhere and the selection is getting a little overwhelming!

Some new chocolate venues……
You can try Chocolopolis in Queen Anne or Claudio Corallo
in Ballard.

The other day I was strolling through The Chocolate Box when I noticed that they had some beautiful, yet familiar chocolates. They looked like Cosmic chocolates to me but
I wasn’t sure. Could it be? Cosmic chocolates in Seattle? Oh and yes, they are here…….
Read more about Cosmic here.

Now my last tidbit of chocoinfo is that I got a little sneak peak at what Theo is offering for the holidays. Yes, I know it is early but winter is on the way in.
Flavor combinations like milk chocolate covered peanut butter and vanilla caramel graham, dark chocolate covered peanut butter with vanilla caramel graham, milk chocolate covered marshmallow with vanilla caramel graham, and dark chocolate covered marshmallow vanilla caramel graham…. I love the milk chocolate peanut butter one….

Theo will be selling S’mores from August 21-August 23. For 3 dollars a hit you can choose your own chocolate combination. The hours are from 3:00- 6:00 PM.

What is your favorite chocolate flavor? Where do you buy your chocolate?

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