Food Blogger Dinner at Olivar

Some time has passed but I still want to talk about our last food blogger dinner at Olivar. It was so nice, some new people attended and we had a whole little area of the restaurant to ourselves. We had an elephant gift exchange and this time the gifts got a little more interesting. A bag of saturn peaches, olive picks since the place is called Olivar and homemade jams.

Some of the blogs and writers: Candace from Italian Woman at the table, Ronald from Cornichon, Dawn and Eric from Wright Eats,Jake from Daily Munch, Charlyn from Duecy Plate
food writers Annie Beckman, Joann Natalia Aquino and Larry +Michaela from Vin
du Lac Winery
Some of the dishes we enjoyed were homemade canneloni,the famous OlivarAlbóndigas de Cordero (Meatballs made of Ground lamb, cilantro, eggplant, herb sea salt),Flamenquín de Cerdo Con Jamón y Queso(Stuffed pork loin with Serrano ham and Manchego cheese(my favorite).
If you are not familiar with Olivar, they have small plates, daily specials and prix fixe menus. Chef Philippe has a chalkboard with specials, every day there is something new to try.

We had a great time, now I have to go and plan the next one.

If you have a food blog in Seattle and would like to be invited to join us. Please

* I would like to disclose that I work with Olivar. This doesn’t prevent me from loving the food though!

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