Sizzleworks Grand Opening, Friday September 12

If you love cooking and want to learn more, Sizzleworks is just for you.

Sizzleworks, formerly known as Rain City Cooking School is celebrating it’s recent growth and success with an open house from 6 on Friday September 12.

Get a chance to meet Chef Carol Dearth and Missy Will, the new executive chef of operations. Learn about the classes coming up, the guest chef series, the basics series and other cooking classes. Sample culinary delights and interesting wines.

“Cooking should be fun as well as instructional, and we want all our participants to experience the joy of cooking as well as sampling delicious cuisine from all over the world, especially prepared by Carol and her chefs,”
Missy Will

Sizzleworks is located in Bellevue at 14111 NE 24th. If you are interested in attending, please call 425-644-4285.

Philippe Thomelin of Olivar will be teaching a Spanish class in October, sharing his recipes and secrets on making Spanish food. Each course will be paired with Spanish wines.
For more on this class and other cooking classes, click here

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