God in a Cup, Michaele Weissman in Seattle

Yesterday afternoon, I organized another Seattle Food Blogger event. Thanks to Traca,
from Seattle Tall Poppy who introduced me to the author and made all this possible (you foodie matchmaker you!)

The Seattle Food Bloggers met up with Michaele Weissman, the journalist and author behind the captivating book that everyone is talking about, God in a Cup.

In God in a Cup, Michaele heads on a journey with young coffee buyers Peter Guliano of Counter Culture Coffee and Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee to Nicaragua, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia chronicling the journeys in a book revealing many aspects of the coffee world. One of those books that reads so smoothly; by the time you actually take a break you realize that you are half way through (I read half of it last night).

We met at the Muse coffee and Brent the owner gave us his own take on the coffee world. As we sat around the comfy couch at this cozy cafe, we talked and sipped and got all the answers we were looking for.
Some topics of discussion were the comparison between wine and coffee. What is it that makes coffee tasting more complex? Why is it easier to taste different nuances in wine? Another important point was the effect that milk has on coffee and the fact that many cafes are opting for organic milk despite the difference in price.

None of this would be complete without the list of bloggers and writers who attended (by cruising the blogs you can read more about the experience).
The bloggers that attended were Traca of Seattle Tall Poppy who turned Michaele into a Seattle enthusiast. After a tour with Traca, how could you not love the place?
There was Jake of Daily Munch (I write there too), Mina and Bruce of Northwest Stir, Joann, freelance writer and also a part of Daily Munch and Dawn and Eric of Wright Eats.

You can catch Michaele this week at a One Pot dinner with Cafe Vita Coffee and Scott Emerick of Cremant in the Kitchen (a Kim Ricketts event)
Time: 6 p.m.
Date: Oct 21
$ 40
hebberoy@gmail.com to make reservations

For Michaele’s website and blog, click here

If you have a food blog (that is at least 3 months old) and would like to be invited to food blogger events, please contact me at: Kerenlovestocook@gmail.com


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