Food For Baby

Since becoming a mother, my eating has changed drastically. I have become more of a purist. Just knowing that my babies nutrients pass through my breast milk makes me a lot more conscious.
In a few weeks, I will be giving Baby E his first taste of solids. We have been sitting him at the table with us and showing him the foods we eat. We want him to look at all the different colors; the green lettuce, the vibrant yellow beets and the round red tomatoes. We want him to get excited about food, enjoy it and share the enthusiasm for healthy foods that we do.
Our bodies have already succumbed to the abuse of too many overstuffed meals, countless chicken mcnuggets, and endless color-dyed pieces of sugar. I am sure after he turns two, I won’t have as much say about the food that he eats but the thought that he gets to start his life with a fresh clean slate really excites me.

Nina Planck, the author of REAL FOOD FOR MOTHER AND BABY, will be holding a discussion as part of the Good Life Series, another one of those wonderful events hosted by Kim Ricketts.

Nina Planck sets out to find out what is true about feeding a pregnant mother and new baby in the most healthy and delicious way. Planck addresses fertility, pregnancy and baby’s first foods with surprising answers to a parent’s food questions.

The event will take place at The Palace ballroom, April 22 at 6:30 pm. The cost of the event is $25 per person, which includes a copy of book, appetizers, and a bit of chocolate.

For more info about Kim Ricketts Events, call 206.632.2419 or click here


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