Ruth Reichl Meets the Bloggers at Olivar

This month’s Seattle Food Blogger event was a Q.A session with one of the culinary world’s most influential writers, Ruth Reichl.
The event took place at Olivar on Capitol hill in Seattle. Chef Philippe prepared some wonderful appetizers and Vin Du Lac Winery served three fabulous wines.

Ruth started off by clearly reminding us that her new book “ Not Becoming My Mother” is not about food. She went about saying this, somewhat apologetically as if food is all you would expect of her. Within a few seconds the group was mesmerized, each blogger intently leaning forward to hear more about Ruth’s life journey.

The pictures at this event were taken by Lara Ferroni of Cook and Eat and Rina Jordan of Rina Jordan Photography. These two photographers did a wonderful job at capturing the intense moments that filled the room.
The photos on this post are by Lara Ferroni.
Rina Jordan’s gallery can be seen by clicking on this link.

Thank you Ruth for meeting with us.
Thanks to everyone for coming! Thank you Chef Philippe from Olivar and Larry from Vin du Lac.
Thank you Lara and Rina for all the photos.

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Chef Philippe Thomelin of Olivar

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Matthew-Amster Burton contributing writer for Gourmet and author of Hungry Monkey with Ruth Reichl editor of Gourmet

Chef Philippe’s appetizers. His signature albondigas always win the crowd

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Photos by Lara Ferroni

Ruth Reichl and Jaden of Steamy Kitchen


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