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Foodportunity and More

photo by Nate Naismith

It’s been a while.  I used to be able to squeeze in more coffee breaks with my friends. Long gone are the days when I could take Baby E with me everywhere I go. I am enjoying this new waddler time, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that things have changed.  Bringing him out for coffee would result in too many cookies and a need for earplugs.  So friends, here is a little about what I am doing now. And I apologize if we haven’t met for coffee.

Foodportunity  March 22nd. The networking event that connects Seattle food bloggers, restaurateurs, chefs, food companies, pr companies and all food passionate people. Check out the website here.

Save the Date: May 22nd Foodportunity Expression Writing with Dianne Jacob. Yes, you know the book “Will Write for Food”. It’s that book that everyone who blogs or writes has read at one point in their life. THE BOOK.  Dianne Jacob is coming to teach a full day Foodportunity workshop here in Seattle.  I recommend that you check out her blog because she does a wonderful job at writing posts about the issues that food bloggers deal with every day. The comments are just as entertaining as her posts.

International Society of Africans in Wine Fundraiser: I am the media coordinator for Seattle . That means I get to connect the Seattle ‘s Food Bloggers to drink wine and spread the word about the event. They are having a Drink Well, Do Good Tourhttp://www.toastafrica.com/ where they will be doing a benefit concert in Seattle.  In Seattle, the concert will be held on Sunday April 25th at Chop Suey with some great bands including Chicago Afrobeat Project ($12). More Details Coming Soon. You can watch this video for more information about ISAW.

Great American Bake Sale: Gaby from What’s Cooking is organizing a national food blogger bake sale. I am the  coordinator for Washington’s Food Blogger Bake Sale.   This means that you will get to try baked goods made with love by Seattle’s beloved food bloggers. All the proceeds go to Share our Strength.  If you are a food blogger who wants to participate, contact me by email: kerenlovestocookatgmail.com

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Post about the job you are looking for, your company or just start food networking on my bulletin board for free.

And because every post ends better on a sweet note, I will be judging Cupcake Camp. Yes, I will be able to eat endless amounts of cupcakes. More frosting please.

Frantic as always,

The Frantic Foodie


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