Foodportunity Expression Styling

Last month was the Foodportunity Expression Styling with master food stylist, Delores Custer.  The event was sponsored by Nonni’s Biscotti and held at the headquarters of Lunch was provided by the fabulous Huiyona restaurant.  I am attaching a video of the workshop with some food styling tips. The video was produced by John Cline of Video Chef Productions.

During the event we had time to practice some hands-on styling and photography in pairs. We also had a contest.   Here are the winning photos. Prizes provided by Nonni’s Biscotti.

The Winners:

Food and Styling by Seattle Food Geek

Photography by Felice Lam.

Styling by Carol Richardson Marty.

Photography by Krissi Pearson.

C0-styling by Kate Schenk.

For more photography from the event, check out the Foodportunity Styling group on flickr.  We had two wonderful photographers taking photos at the event, Jackie Donnely Baisa and Charity Lynne Burggraff. Their photos can be found in the flickr group. You can also see Jackie’s recap here.

Thank you to everyone involved with this amazing event. Thank you to Alice from Savory Sweet Life and Jamie from Jamie of all Trades for assisting Delores with the food styling.  Thank you to Felice Lam for her ongoing assistance on Foodportunity events.

To pre-order Delores’s new book, click here

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