Bake Sale and The Pioneer Woman in Seattle

Last Saturday was a very special day for many Seattle food bloggers. We met Ree Drummond.

I knew  that  The Pioneer Woman was coming in to town and I knew I had to find a way to organize a food blogger meet up. Since I started these food blogger events in 2007 I feel a sense of responsibility for the bloggers. I love that they come to my events and want to do what I can to build community.  I really wanted this to happen.

Her visit happened to be on the same day as our Bake Sale. Her schedule was extremely tight but she squeezed us in.  I made some phone calls.  Anthony offered to host us with complimentary food and wine (keeping the events free to the bloggers is sometimes a challenge). Restaurants like Anthony’s are very helpful in building community and what better way than to serve delicious food. They even had gluten-free options available.

We started our Saturday with the Seattle Food Blogger Bake Sale as part of the National Food Blogger Bake sale.   The Metropolitan Market was gracious enough to let us sell the baked goods there. This was so nice of them. We raised 641 dollars and got to hang out together for an entire day.

Right after the bake sale, we cleaned up really fast because we had a party to go to.  We all rushed out to meet the Queen of the Food bloggers, Ree Drummond. She was on tour promoting her book , The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl.

The photos below are by the extremely talented photographer, Valentina Vitols.

We listened to her share her story. I know that everyone was thinking the same thing.  How does she do it?  The lady is incredible.  And she really wanted to know about us.  She asked about our blogs. This tells you a lot about her personality.  She cares about her readers.
Desiree from Life’s Ambrosia and Felice Lam aka Panda Foodie (my amazing Social Media Assistant at Foodportunity)

Shauna from GlutenFreeGirl.Blogspot talking to Ree about her next book.
In photo: Ree Drummond, Jeanne Savage from Four Chickens , Henri Lo and Lorna Yee from Cookbook Chronicles and Shauna from GlutenFreeGirl.

Look at the view from the window. Isn’t Seattle beautiful?

The party ended on such a pretty note.  We got to meet Ree, drink numerous glasses of wine, eat lots of lovely bites and spend time together. Thank you to Ree Drummond, Anthony’s and to the Seattle blogger community.


7 responses to “Bake Sale and The Pioneer Woman in Seattle”

  1. I am so sorry that I didn’t know about this! I am new to the blog scene…your blog is a wealth of information for people living in Seattle!


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