Cakespy Shop, A Sight for Sweet Eyes

Jesse Oleson, the cake maven behind never ceases to amaze. She spies on new bakeries, has cakewalks in every city and has a cupcake illustration business.  If that is not enough to blow your sweet mind, she recently opened a Cakespy Shop in Capitol Hill.

The compact two-story shop showcases her original artwork along with mugs, handbags, aprons, cards, art and stationery from local and national artists.

What is it that motivated Jesse to open the shop?

” I love what I do but I was missing human contact, I feel like in this largely electronic world,  I like to engage with the community and other artists. Having this shop gives me the opportunity to realize my goals while also connecting with people” Says Jesse Oleson.

Cakespy shop is located at 415 E Pine Street, Seattle WA 98122 .

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4 responses to “Cakespy Shop, A Sight for Sweet Eyes”

  1. I just stopped there this evening, and I’m so happy for Jessie. The shop is just perfect for her to share her adorable cupcake art, and to showcase all sorts of other Northwest artists. If you are a “maker fair” type, you will love it. Prices are ultra-reasonable, too. I’m thinking I’ll be stopping in whenever I need a gift.


  2. I, too, will be stopping in occasionally to get gifts. It’s such a great shop. I love it! There’s even a little art gallery upstairs with the most amazing art pieces right now.

    Thanks for the photo credit. 🙂


  3. I’m so happy to have Cakespy/Bluebottle in our neighborhood. I was already familiar with Jessie’s fun artwork, but now she’s introduced me to several other great local artists. It makes a great field trip along with nearby Melrose Market (not to mention Gamma Ray Games and the bookstore).


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