Recap of Last Few Weeks

Things here get very busy. Here is my attempt to put together a little recap of some of the places I have been lately.

Last month, I went to Cochon 555. I was very honored to have a friend, Bean from Wine and Beer of Washington offer me a ticket which she had received from The Local Wine Events .  The event was such a blast.  Every restaurant had their play on pork with chefs such as  John Sundstrom from– Lark, Adam Stevenson Earth & Ocean, Anthony Hubbard  Chow Foods, Chester Gerl – Matt’s in the Market , Tamara Murphy from Brasa Restaurant and Gabriel Claycamp of  The Swinery.

I was invited to lunch by one of my favorite bloggers, Eric Rivera. Eric is such an amazing culinary student, who is so passionate about what he does. He interns at some of the best restaurants in town. Also he has the sweetest wife, Mindy who is so supportive and so into the food scene herself.  

You see this spread, Eric made everything by himself.  If he ever invites you to eat at his house, run don’t walk! He made some great dishes with Isernio sausage too. They are so good at contributing to foodie dinners and supporting the community.

Also just recently I attended the  Washington Wine Awards. If you like wine, this is the place to try wines from all over Washington.  This is also the event that will get you into the The Ranier Club.  For this year’s winners, click here.

This is my friend Yashar, he is the wine person to know in the Seattle food scene. Follow him on twitter :YasharWineMongr.

This month I got to put together another Seattle Food Blogger event with Hank Shaw from Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook .  Hank writes about his adventures with real food. When I say real food , I mean he hunts, he forages and does things with food that very few blogs even come close to.  He won the IACP award for best food blog. That is a huge accomplishment.  Did I mention his wife  Holly is a hunter too? She has an intriguing,  informative blog on hunting.   Thank you to Pike Place Brewery for hosting the bloggers and taking us on a tour and giving us a beautiful private room to enjoy and beers to taste. Thank you bloggers for coming to my events!

Also, this month I got to mentor business women at the Crave Symposium event . It was so rewarding to be able to help other business women and to learn from so many others.  I was paired to mentor with Shauna Causey, a social media maven that does incredible work with volunteer organizations. In case you are a business woman and don’t know about Crave, here is the link.  It is a great community to be part of.

Also, my big event is coming up and I hope to see you there. Tickets on sale here.

This is just a taste, more coming soon.

Frantic as Always, The Frantic Foodie


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