Anthony Bourdain in Seattle

Just last week I was invited to see Anthony Bourdain at The University Book Store event held at The Moore Theater.
The thing about Anthony Bourdain is that he really influenced my life. I read his book, Kitchen Confidential, a few years ago. I had just started taking some culinary classes at The Art Institute of Seattle and had dreams of being a chef.  After reading his book,  I was done. I realized that what I really wanted was a family and as a chef I would have to work many hours on my feet and wouldn’t be able to start a family right away. I am very happy with my choice and should have thanked Anthony Bourdain for scaring me out of the cooking world.
What a Show!
Tom Douglas, Seattle’s culinary superstar opened the evening on a hilarious note.
Then bad boy Bourdain walked onto the stage and I almost swear that I could see puddles of drool on the floor.
He talked about  how Rachel Ray tried to charm him by sending him a fruit basket.  He talked about all the food celebrities that he hates and his encounter with Sarah Lee. The stories are all in his new book ” Medium Raw“.   He professed his love for Salumi, shared stories about fatherhood and talked about how he watches Dora in his pajamas and feeds his daughter organic food.
If you ever get a chance to see his show, do not miss it. 
He is a natural entertainer with an oxomoronic ability to magnetize you and curse uncontrollably in the same sentence. He gives  new meaning to the expression ” talking dirty”.
After the show he signed a gazillion books and then a a small group of media awaited him in the bar of  The Moore theater.
I was one of the lucky ones.  Thank you University Book Store for a rocking event and thank you to the Moore Theater.


  1. That is too cool for skool that you got to hang with Mr. Bad Boy of Cheffery. I love hearing your story about how his writing changed your life, as I think his way of telling it like it is makes the truth very raw and influential in so many ways. I’m glad you went the direction you did, as you’re helping people find their foodie voices, which is a very special thing.


  2. He’s so great. I like him cuz he tells it like it is, there’s no holding back with him. Genuine. Love the pic 🙂


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