Crave Seattle Book

One of the ways I stay motivated is by hanging out with other business women. It’s liberating and motivating to share your business hardships and successes with women in the same boat. Sharing experience is a part of the learning process. One of the most influential women that I know in Seattle is Melody Biringer, the founder of Crave.

I have to warn you. I will have to hold back because I appreciate her and admire her so much that it will sound like a little too much. The truth is  that she is one of the most genuine people I know and she invests her time into getting women together to motivate each other.  Her latest Crave book just came out last month and it is full of stories of business women in Seattle. It is where you find out about where to shop, how to push yourself to work hard and also find handy information like who can help you brand and design your business (may I add that Tray Creative is a really good place to start for that). Pick up this 350 page book and start learning the inns and outs of being fashionable in business and in life.

I  am especially honored to have my own spread in the book. That’s me, right below.

I am going to have a giveaway so leave me a comment with the name of your role model and I will make sure you get entered to win a  copy of this book so you can cruise Seattle in the most fashionable way possible. I will pick a winner on Thursday. Also if you want to buy a book, just look for the pink book at all the local and trendy women -owned businesses around town.


7 responses to “Crave Seattle Book”

  1. Someone I really admire? Annette, the writer of the blog Sustainable Eats, blows me away with her efforts to eat locally. On an average city lot, she raises chickens, grows almost ALL of her own food (even peppercorns!), and organizes large lot buys from local farmers for people like me who want to support a small farm and bring home a value priced box of organic produce. She is the real deal.


  2. … Julia Child She did her thing in a time when women were just beginning to go beyond the level they were at and at a “mid-age” attended cooking classes in Paris and opened up the world of French cooking to all and then getting away from the convenience food of the day and challenging all to learn and be creative in the kitchen.


  3. I have been considering opening my own business, and now I’m VERY interested to check this out. Thanks! 🙂
    My role model is J.K. Rowling. Her persistence, talent, and belief in her abilities is admirable. And the fact that she has used her success to inspire others and provide for her family is heart-warming. As an author, I can only hope to someday enjoy the rags-to-riches story that she’s a part of (and so many self-made women are a part of).


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