Dining on the Double, Hitting Two Restaurants at a Time

photo credit: Ronald Holden

Let’s face it. Life is busy and even those who love restaurants don’t always get to eat out.  How do you keep up with the food trends while working a 9-5?  Simple and easy.  When you are going out to dine in a new- to- you neighborhood,  hit two restaurants at a time.

Working the computer world on the Eastside? Don’t have much time to come to town? That is what weekends are for.

Here are a few places where you can double it up. There are many ways to do it; dinner at one, dessert at the other,  appetizers at each or sharing an entree at each one.

In Capitol Hill:  Pick up some Indian-inspired Northwest food and surprising flavor combinations at Poppy and  Spanish-French Cuisine in a romantic  atmosphere at Olivar.

In Ballard: Hit the old-school building with two favorites under one roof, Ethan Stowell’s Staple and Fancy, fresh Italian flavors paired with Northwest ingredients and a slick white oyster bar by the name of The Walrus and The Carpenter.

In Belltown and Downtown: Get creative with modern haute-cuisine small plates-style  at Bisato and then take a short walk to Spur for some modernist cuisine in a sexy bar atmosphere.

Get your name on the list for the most- talked about pizza known as Serious Pie (there is always a line)  and then order some meze and spreads with fresh pita at Lola while you wait.

One thought on “Dining on the Double, Hitting Two Restaurants at a Time

  1. We haven’t done this in Seattle yet, but husband and I love trying out many spots at once in Bellevue. We stay at the Westin and eat at different spots. Last time it was Pearl, Joey’s, Paddy’s, Earl’s, and McCormick’s! So yummy and a great way to sample food and ambience!


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