Dahlia Workshop is Now Open

Dahlia Workshop is bringing some Southern love to South Lake Union.
Located downstairs from the new Serious Pie location, this  biscuit house is open morning through afternoon, Monday- Friday 7am-2pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm.
The menu consists of  buttery biscuits  filled with  options like fried chicken and  “Tabasco” black pepper gravy,  ” Workshop” house cured ham with egg, cheddar, apple mustard or truffled frittata, tomato, capers and arugula.
The lunch options include SLUM soup, (South Lake Union minestrone)  and garlic bread,  chop salad
with coppa, marinated feta, garlic bread and Catini family meatball grinder with provolone and house pickled peppers.
Dahlia Workshop is located at 401 Westlake Ave N, phone: 206.436.0052

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