Tom Douglas Brings it On

When Serious Pie opened in South Lake Union just a short while ago, it was great news for the pizza scene, the same apple wood -fired pizza topped with all those creative combinations in a roomier atmosphere minus the queue (at some times of the day). At around the same time, Dahlia Workshop opened up, bringing biscuits and fried chicken to South Lake Union.
This week, more Tom Douglas spots hit the South Lake Union scene.

Just this week, Cuoco, a sexy Italian restaurant with handmade pasta made right in front of your eyes; private little dining areas, a lounge area and menu items like 24 hour Rosemary cured beef, Bucatini marinara, young goat polpetini and Seven layer lasagna alla ferrara.

Opening up today is Bravehorse Tavern where you will find a fresh pretzel station, burgers , 24 beers on tap and Shuffleboard tables. And then, very soon, Ting Momo Tibetan, a casual restaurant focused on Tibetan dumplings. When you are done cruising the Tom Douglas restaurant scene, pick up some wine at Soul Wine, the new wine shop in the building beneath Serious Pie, the place where you can hang at the tasting bar and get personalized wine experience.

Photo credit: Reiner Peery, KPIS

3 thoughts on “Tom Douglas Brings it On

  1. My neighbor picked up a magazine at her doctor’s office and brought it to me, it had a story about your blog! I’m so glad my neighbor looks out for me and so happy to have found your site! I’m another Seattle food blogger…actually more of an eater, so I love know about the latest spots to dine! Nan


  2. love tom douglas.. swear that man can do no wrong. checked out brave horse tavern a few days ago, cool vibe, good beers and food. checking out cuoco next week, excited!


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