Passover and Easy Table Decorations

I love the idea of decorating your table when guests come over and this year I decided that since the sun was peeking out a tiny bit, I wanted some yellow flowers to make it work. First I decided on the colors, I wanted it all to be yellow, red and orange. Then I went through everything that I had at home and I completed the table scene with some inexpensive pieces that I found at World Market.

I had a few napkin holders that I got at Red Ticking a few years ago. I picked up cloth napkins at World Market and wrapped some of them in flowers. The table runner was a gift from a dear friend who got it in the goody bag at IFBC from Sur La Table.

In front of each plate, I put these cute little take-out boxes from World Market. I filled them with red crepe paper and a flower and some rocks to keep it from falling over. And on each plate, Nut-Free Chocolate Covered Matzo with Alderwood Smoked Salt.

The scene was complete with some candles, some music and friends.

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