World MS Day in Seattle

I wanted to tell you about this great event for an important cause. Please take the time to read this.

World MS Day Seattle
On May 25th, businesses all across Seattle will join together for a common cause: to help children affected by multiple sclerosis by donating a percentage of their sales from open to close.
The money will be used to buy children’s books which help parents explain multiple Sclerosis (MS) for kids who either have MS or a parent who does. All profits from those book sales will go to three MS charities: the National Pediatric MS Center, The National MS Society, and CCSVI Alliance.
The event is being organized by University of Washington business student and Seattle resident William Khazaal. William was diagnosed with MS in 2009.
MS is a neurological disorder where the immune system attacks the central nervous system – the part of the body that controls everything one does. Symptoms range from dizziness and fatigue, to blindness and paralysis. In most cases, the longer one has MS, worse it gets. For some, the disease is fatal. There is no cure. For reasons unknown, Seattle has more people with MS per capita than almost anywhere in the world.
Khazaal has two young children. When he was diagnosed, his five-year-old Gabriel (four at the time) was terrified. He wondered aloud “daddy is going to die” and “I’m going to get it too”. Whenever his father was having a bad MS day and didn’t have the energy to play with him, Gabriel thought he’d done something wrong and that his father was upset with him. Khazaal realized how difficult it was to talk about MS with his son, and soon learned that was the case for most parents with MS.
Using adversity as his muse, Khazaal, along with a group of five fellow classmates at UW, created MS Children’s Book – a poetically written and whimsically illustrated children’s book describing MS to kids in a way they can understand. 100% of the profits from the book’s sales will be donated to the fight against MS, and the group is working as volunteers without compensation for their efforts.
The goal is to sell and donate 10,000 books while raising $100,000 toward finding a cure. Books can be purchased or donated to a child affected MS on behalf of the purchaser.
To date, 50 businesses have joined the cause by participating in World MS Day Seattle, and the list is growing daily – they hope to be at 100 by the time of the event. Businesses interested in participating can contact William at or 206-793-7957.
To see the roster of businesses: and click on the World MS Day tab
For additional information, and to RSVP and invite friends on Facebook click on the events tab and select World MS Day.
There is also a Facebook page for
Finally, for those interested in buying a book or donating one to someone with MS.

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