Erotic Food at the Erotic Art Festival

If you need a little spice in your life, check out this book at the Erotic Art Festival. You can always just go and get a feel for what this event is about.

From the press release:

La Figa: Visions of Food and Form
May 20 -22 at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival
Location: Fremont Studios, 155 N 35th St., Seattle

Never has food been so strategically presented; the human body reveals itself as a tablecloth for our culinary imagination.
Nick Licata, Seattle City Councilmember & Chair of Council Committee on Culture

Mirroring his new book’s theme, Seattle’s Sensual Chef Tiberio Simone will “paint” attendees of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival with raw ingredients to celebrate the unveiling of La Figa: Visions of Food & Form.

Simone and his collaborator, photographer Matt Freedman, will be styling and shooting fresh, eye-catching, edible body art on volunteers from the festival audience; and sharing Simone’s unique desserts at La Figa Café – their installation for the nation’s premier erotic art festival. “What makes this my favorite weekend of the year is not just the art – but the people who attend. They are a sophisticated, creative, and participatory group of erotic art lovers. I get new inspiration and make new friends every time,” says Freedman. “So, it’s fitting to debut our book there.”

The book’s lush and occasionally risqué images are accompanied by text of a similar flavor ‒ including advice on how to blend food and seduction. Simone also shares powerful food memories from his childhood in rural Italy; 20 favorite recipes; behind the scenes photos; and how his love of food and form evolved into art. As for why: “I want to share my passion for what I believe are the basics of life ‒ food and touch. In trying to figure out how to make that my job, I found a new way to love food and a new title for myself – ‘pleasure activist’.”


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