New Openings in the Restaurant World

When it rains it pours in Seattle and this applies to everything, especially in the case of new openings of restaurants. Here are some of the new places to check out.

Fans of the food truck known as Skillet (yes, where you can get bacon jam) can now dine at Skillet Diner. What? Those juicy burgers and poutine are available at all hours of the day. Finally! Skillet is located at 1403 E Union St.

A Jewish Deli by the name of Stopsky’s Delicatessen has been shaking up the food scene since it opened, with fans waiting in line for a dose of the matzo ball soup, a bite of babka or the fresh Challah bread. Expect deli items with a Northwest flare. A small fire happened this week so they closed for a bit, but they should be open for business soon (Fresh Challah was on sale Friday).

Little Water Cantina brings Mexican Food with Northwest Ingredients. You will find menu items like Turkey Leg Enchilada, White Hazelnut Mole, Empanadas and Carne Asada with Beans, Asparagus and Oyster Mushrooms. A chalkboard menu allows for seasonality and updates as they come. Little Water Cantina is located at 2865 Eastlake Ave E.

And for those late night cravings, The Lucky Diner is scheduled to open soon even though it is slightly delayed from the aim to open in the end of May.

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  1. I love Seattle’s food scene, but I work in Tacoma and would love for some of our restructures to open something down there. Tom Douglas or Ethan Stowell perhaps? It is an untapped market.


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