A Day Or Two in Richmond B.C

One of the pleasures of the Northwest is knowing that a short drive away will take you to another city, with a world of food and choices. And just a couple hours away and you step into another country. I was invited on a trip to Richmond BC with some blogger friends so I could explore what our neighbors have to offer.

And the cameras are rolling, this is Denise from Wasabi Prime

Our first stop, Shanghai River Restaurant where they serve traditional Shanghaiese food and the
famous pork soup dumplings: Xiao Long Bao.

Here we were greeted by the fabulous Melody Fury, founder of Vancouver Food Tour. Yes, she will take you on food tours all over and feed you until you are stuffed. Here she came to give information about all the dishes and culture of Asian Cuisine.

We contined to a local winery, Sanduz Estate Wines for some wine tasting. The wines were based on the blueberries and Cranberries from their family farm. Here you will find wine blessed by fruit and also the discovery of “puffed” blueberry snacks. Blueberries that have no preservatives but are dried to get the perfect flavor.

Our next stop was to the Thrangu Monastery, with 30 feet ceilings and a 16 feet gold-plated
statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha flanked by the 35 Buddhas of
Confession. The two side walls have 500 Medicine Buddha statues each and there are 200
Amitabha statues adjacent to the main entrance. Here we spent time talking and asking all the questions that we had. A not to miss experience.

Then we continued to Steveston Harbour Authority for a tour and later a walk on the waterfront to watch the hustle and bustle of the fisherman and to find treasures by the sea such as Sea Urchin and Spot Prawns.

Our lunch stop started at Tapenade Bistro. This was my most memorable meal of the trip. We were served a Spot Prawns boil. Spot prawns are huge prawns that have a sweet and firm texture. They basically had to peel us out of the restaurant, I could have eaten those prawns all day.

This is our tour guide Kristen.

Later we continued for a second lunch at Hogshack, a barbecue joint. Here are the pulled pork pancakes with maple syrup.

We continued later to Terra Nova Farm Share, where gardens are shared and children in schools learn about the importance of nature and growing their own food.

There was much more but I couldn’t fit it all in. Tourism Richmond offers these tours and is running some contests on their website for more. Online: http://www.foodinrichmond.com, www.
facebook.com/richmondbc and http://www.twitter.com/tourismrichmond

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