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Best Salad Bar in Downtown Seattle

Finally, we get a few nice days of summer weather, just a sign that light food is the way to go. One of my favorite places in Downtown Seattle for a quick bite in the midst of a shopping spree is the Il Fornaio Salad Bar located in Pacific Place. Who knew something as simple as a salad bar could be the best lunch route to go?
Right outside of the Il Fornaio restaurant, inside the mall, you will find the Il Fournaio Bakery Cafe with a fresh, choose- your- own- toppings- salad bar. Choose the type of lettuce and then choose your proteins from tuna, chicken, eggs or tofu and add your toppings of choice with items like roasted beets, bacon, cheese and more. They will mix the salad with the dressing for you and you are set for a speedy yet healthy lunch. Along with that, you will find other items like pasta salads, pizza, baked goods and Il Fornaio’s freshly baked breads. Another advantage, a constant line that moves fast, reassuring you that the food is always fresh and replenished. The salad prices start at $6.79.
For more suggestions on places to eat in Seattle, pick up a copy of my new book, The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle.


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