This weekend and Bastille Day Festivities

If you have the Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle, then look in the events section for all the events this weekend. Bastille Day is my favorite event. It has a sentimental value to me.

One reason is because I am from Canada and the French language is very close to my heart. All my favorite books are written in French, my favorite of all time is Madame Bovary. And second, I got more immersed into the food scene on Bastille day when I volunteered for the Bastille Day Festival at Seattle Center many years ago, There I met one of my favorite chefs, Chef Thierry Rautureau known as the Chef in the Hat of Rovers and Luc (Twitter: Thechefinthehat , see below for more) and more amazing people including one of my favorite people of all time Felice Lam (Twitter: felicelam), who later became a social media guru and an integral part of the tweets at Foodportunity.

So don’t miss this festival or the special dinners at Rovers or Luc. There is also a Queen Anne Sidewalk Sale tomorrow and I will be speaking at an Ice Cream social for kids and signing books at Dish It Up during the Ballard Sidewalk sale and SeafoodFest. On July 14 , celebrate at Cafe Campagne’s yearly festival or Le Pichet or Maximillian or of course celebrate like you should and visit all three.

More events in the book… See you all soon

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