Taking it off for a Good Cause- Nudie Foodies

Spearheaded by Seattle’s Linda Miller Nicholson of the risque blog Salty Seattle, Nudie Foodies is a new book featuring bloggers sporting sexy food in the nude. The ultimate coffee table book and conversation starter, bloggers from all over the globe take off their clothes and put on food to support Japan. The book designed by the extremely talented Denise Sakaki of Wasabi Prime is bound to make you blush and smile at the same time.

I bet you are wondering what these bloggers do by day. There is Jackie I am a feeder a food writer and journalist from the U.K, Sara OC2 Seattle a lawyer and Irvin Eat the Love is a professional baker and graphic designer.

This controversial book has been stirring up the pot for many opposed to nudity. Nicholson explains “we know that this is controversial but we hope people realize that no money is going to the bloggers, all the money will be donated to help Japan. I have learned to develop a thick skin, at the end of the day, this might not be a fit for everyone, but the ones who are open to it have been embracing it.
It is the sexy photos that initially draw people to the book but the recipes by the bloggers have been turning people on to the idea and creating a buzz. If the project really piques your interest and you want to become a “Nudie Foodie” , you can enter the contest on their website. The book can be purchased on their website as well.

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