The List- Getting Through the Seattle Food Scene One Bite at a Time

You can find it all here in Seattle.
Where does one start? I put together this short list. This is just the beginning. Use this as a primer to get you through the first steps (more to come). This is not meant to be an all-inclusive trip into the Seattle Food Scene, rather a stepping stone into a city of eclectic fare. Here are some experiences to start with.

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photo credit: Jackie Donnely Baisa

1. Try a Tom Douglas Restaurant. Chef Tom Douglas has been making sure to fulfill Seattle’s cravings for years, coming up with creative takes on Northwest Ingredients and making the food scene his personal playground.
What you will find: Consistency, great service and high quality ingredients. What are you craving? For Seafood, there is Etta’s, For Italian, don’t miss Cuoco and for coconut cream pies, Dahlia Bakery. My first choice, Serious Pie, where Northwest Ingredients meet the perfect pizza crust; lightly crispy on the edges and soft and delicate on the inside.

2. Don’t call it molecular gastronomy. The name doesn’t matter, what you want is food that is playful and creative, a new type of cuisine where science alters the food sending your palate on a tasting adventure. Find it at Spur or Bisato .

3. Pike Place Market. This is just a reminder that the center for all things beautiful and food-related happens to be in our backyard.

4. Melrose Market. One -stop shopping in a dreamy building. Get your cheese from an intimate cheese shop, your meat from an artisan butcher and a farm- to-table dinner at Sitka and Spruce. There is more but you will have to go there to find it.

5. The tale of two sandwiches, Paseo and Salumi. Paseo. Instructions: Place this messy, juices-flowing Cuban sandwich of goodness in your mouth. You won’t rest between bites. Salumi. Reserve your space in line at Salumi. Actually, call in advance and order your sandwich to bypass the line. This most-talked about cured meats haven will give you a taste of Italy and impress your friends (take some home and make a plate for your next dinner party).

6. Experience Korean- French Fusion at Joule. Be ready to be surprised. (Update: Joule is moving but Revel, the Korean comfort food restaurant by the same owners is equally wonderful!)

7. Poppy is where you will find a Northwest tasting menu with an Indian flair. Do not skip dessert at this one.

8. Vietnamese at Long Provincial. What is it that makes you long for more? Great Vietnamese food in the middle of downtown.

9. Try the combination of simple Northwest Ingredients with fresh made pasta at one the Ethan Stowell Restaurants.

10. Special Occasions at Rovers. Dine course by course a la French culture.

Hey, this was just a teaser. More food information can be found in my new book “Food Lovers Guide to Seattle” or just come to my launch party and try some more of my favorites like Olivar, Volunteer Park Cafe and Blackboard Bistro.

8 thoughts on “The List- Getting Through the Seattle Food Scene One Bite at a Time

  1. Hi Keren,
    Looking forward to your book launch celebration. Your first “short list” is right on. Serious Pie and the Coconut Cream Pie cover the delicious “pie” from one end to the other. I’m really glad you mentioned Long Provincial. It’s one my very favorites. The service is welcoming, gracious and fun. Who is that wonderful, cute guy at the door? The food is just enough of a “twist” to say wow I love Vietnamese even more and the drinks are some of the freshest-creative at a great price.


  2. Are any of the above within (short) walking distance of Pike Place Market? I have some friends coming to visit and we’re stopping in at PPM on the way from the airport. Looking for a good place for a late lunch/early dinner/drinks. I live on Whidbey and am pretty unfamiliar with Seattle eateries (altho I do plan to pick up the book to start learning!). These are friends coming in from all over the world – US, Austrailia, and France. Looking for someplace where the food is good and the atmosphere is really fun.


    1. Hi Gwen,
      Yes, many of the Tom Douglas restaurants are within walking distance. I think Tom Douglas’ Seatown would be nice for drinks and dinner or not mentioned here, Matt’s in the Market or Steelhead Diner. There are too many that I love!


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