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Seattle Food Scene Tips and Gilt Giveaway

What is the one question that people ask me when they meet me and learn that I work with food?

“What makes the Seattle food scene different?”

I have to say, it is community. It is a lack of distance between the chefs and the people. The chefs are approachable, friendly and everyone is connected somehow. Chefs take the time to say hi if they can and there is overall support, the customers support the chefs, the chefs support the purveyors, the chefs like to mingle with their customers and first name basis is pretty common in the food world.

I love exploring this city, so here is a giveaway to get you exploring.
But before that, I thought that you would like to catch up on where to go.

Photo credit: Jackie Donnely Baisa

I compiled of list of some recent posts with a glimpse into the Seattle food scene.

A visit to the Herbfarm

Have you been to the Melrose Market?

Looking for new places for lunch? Find them here

Want to learn how to make cocktails? Follow Kathy Casey’s show.

Food Lovers’ Launch party and fundraiser for Farestart

And the ultimate list

Wait! Do you know about Gilt? Do you know about Gilt City Seattle? I have a 50 dollar gift card to giveaway,

When I heard Gilt City was coming this way, I was flabbergasted. I have a love-love relationship with Gilt. I have been a member of the site getting their daily deals for over a year. Every morning at 9 am, or whenever I can, I check their website for the deals. There is just something liberating about seeing beautiful stuff in the morning. They have everything from bedding to clothes to weekend getaways. And Gilt City Seattle recently launched with tasting menus to some of the favorite places, special cocktail evenings, movie passes and more. You need to be a member so check it out.

You can follow them @giltcityseattle on twitter and sign up for their website, here is the friend link for you to sign up. And now for the giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me about your favorite place to eat in town. I am thinking the place that you go when you need a bite, it doesn’t have to be fancy. The place you drive to after a bad day at work or just where you go when you need a snack.

How to enter and win $50 at @GiltCitySeattle
1) Each comment is one entry.
2) Each Facebook share is 4 entries (Make sure to tag the Food Lovers Guide to Seattle page so I know)
3) And each twitter share is an extra entry (@foodloversea or @franticfoodie)

Got it! The winner will be announced on Monday next week.

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16 responses to “Seattle Food Scene Tips and Gilt Giveaway”

  1. my favorite place to eat in seattle is musashi’s in wallingford. it’s humble, it’s delicious, staff is friendly, and you can’t beat the price.


  2. So, this is a tough one. Asking for my favorite Seattle restaurant is like asking me which is my favorite child. I travel quite a bit for work and am always amazed at how some of the biggest “food cities” in the country have nothing on Seattle!
    I’m going to narrow it down a bit. If you were to ask me my favorite fast food restaurant, I’d pick the Rancho Bravo food truck up in Wallingford. Specifically, their carnitas rice bowl with black beans and a large Horchata on the side. It’s deliciousness in a bowl….tender carnitas, spanish rice, fresh cilantro, beans, tomatoes and a squeeze of fresh lime. I like the dish so much we make our own version at home with a slow-cooked pork shoulder. Delicious! And did I mention cheap? The whole family eats here for around $20 including a dollar for the tip jar.
    Who says good food needs to be fancy?


  3. I have a lot of favorite food places in Seattle but the “place you drive to after a bad day at work” is Enat Ethiopian food by Northgate. $14 combo platter feeds two and it is full of beautiful colored foods, perfectly seasoned. It is comfort food with a myriad of colors, textures and flavors that never fails to brighten my day


  4. Elly won the contest, Thanks for all the comments, tweets and Facebook tags. Thanks for all the suggestions on where to eat. There is a new giveaway coming soon


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