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Cake VS Pie. Do you want to enter?

photo credit: Ronald Holden

And before I start. If you need pie lessons. Check out. Art of the Pie, a fabulous class.

I got this email and thought that many of you would love the opportunity to bake. Here it is. Enter and let me know how it goes.

Crust or Crumb? A Cake vs. Pie Rematch
Call to Bakers for October 10 Faceoff
Bakers from both sides of the fence will have a chance to put an end to that age old debate in households across America…cake or pie?

Last year pie reigned victorious. But the crown, once again, is up for grabs.

On October 10, bakers will “bring it” with their favorite cake or pie creations. Bakers, both amateurs and professionals alike, will be competing for prizes and the ultimate bragging rights to the best baked goodness in Seattle.

If you bake, bake your favorite cake or pie for a chance to win culinary related prizes.

If photography is your thing, snap photos for an opportunity to be published online at Seattlest.

If you have stories to share about cake or pie, then consider this event your soapbox.

Prizes will be awarded based on overall appearance, taste and texture (crust or crumb) by judges who rock the Seattle cake, pie, culinary and media scene.

To be one of the 20 bakers, RSVP to jenisesilva@yahoo.com by September 30. Please include your name, if you’ll bake cake or pie, phone number and email.

To enter the photography contest RSVP to jenisesilva@yahoo.com by October 14. Please include your name, email and flickr ID. Submit photos to http://www.flickr.com/groups/seattlest/

Cake vs Pie is presented in conjunction with media partner Seattlest.

WHAT: Jenise Silva’s Cake vs. Pie

WHEN: Monday, October 10

WHERE: We’re keeping that under wraps for now.

WHY: To compete for great prizes and settle the age old debate…Cake or Pie?


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