Admitting ones eating habits is not the easiest task, many spend their time eating behind fridges, stocking up on Ramen or just hoarding convenient snacks with zero nutritional value. In this newly released book, The Kitchen Counter Cooking School, local writer Kathleen Flinn creates a project that will examine the eating habits of average women, while providing them with a toolbox of alternatives, teaching them the basics, educating them and teaching them the benefits of a home-cooked meal.

Read along as these women embark on a palate adventure, taking cooking classes to delve into a deeper world of food, learning that simple food can easily be made from scratch and that dollars can be stretched. Watch as these women flourish and nourish while picking up tricks from Seattle’s favorite foodies including Robin Leventhal and Thierry Rautureau.

Each chapter includes basic recipes for things like Blissfully Simple Chicken Stock, DIY Vinaigrette, Creamy Chocolate Frosting, Paella Valenciana and more. Now, even if you are familiar with making these foods, there is something about reading this book that will motivate you to make them again or better yet get you in the kitchen exploring the same night that you are reading. Get the book here or at your local bookstore and check out Kathleen Flinn’s website.

Luckily I have a copy of the book to giveaway. Do you want it? Just leave a comment telling me about the one thing that you like to make it home and refuse to buy. Each tweet tagged #foodloversea will get you an extra entry. Contest ends October 4 and the winner will be chosen randomly by drawing.
Thanks for playing.

Did you get my book? For more about the food scene in Seattle, pick up a copy of my book, “The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle”.


Written by franticfoodie

I am Keren Brown (note: Keren with 2 E's). I love living in Seattle, I think the weather here is fabulous and spend my days writing, organizing and planning food events. Read about Seattle food events, recipes or just immerse in the food obsession. Check out my other blog in the Seattle PI


  1. Banana bread! My mom and I used to make it together when I was a kid, and I can’t stand to buy a slice — even from a good bakery — because I know it won’t taste the same as the recipe I use. (in fact, I have some in the oven right now).


  2. One thing I refuse to buy – pumpkin pie! Pumpkin is probably my favorite ingredient and pumpkin pie is my fav dessert – I’ve been making it from scratch since I was in college…although I often cheat on the pie crust (Kate McDermott forgive me!!)
    It’s so easy to make pp from scratch and I REFUSE to ever buy a premade pie or order it when I’m out – homemade is the only way on this one!


  3. I refuse to buy Thanksgiving pies. I know store-bought ones can taste good, but the experience of making my own (or my grown kids doing it) is invaluable. To us, baking those pies ourselves is the heart of the holiday.


  4. There are many things but the first that comes to mind is salad dressing. It’s just too easy to make it fresh, it tastes better, and I have to believe it’s less expensive.


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