Seattle Chocolate Salon and Giveaway. Win two tickets.

Listen up Chocolate Lovers. This is your chance. You can have all the chocolate you want. I am talking bite after bite. I am talking chili chocolate, basil chocolate, spicy chocolate, sweet chocolate and every brand you can think of. On May 6, you can have it all

I am honored to be speaking at this event about the Seattle Food Scene. Come listen. We can share chocolate. I won’t judge your chocolate eating abilities if you don’t judge mine. I promise. Even if you have chocolate stains on your clothes.

Seattle Chocolate Salon
Where: Bell Harbor Conference Center
When: May 6
Who: Anyone who loves chocolate
Why: Why not? One day of all the chocolate you can want.

Buy Tickets Here

Giveaway! Winner notified on Monday!

Update, we have a winner! Sophia Katt you won! Thanks for all the entries. More giveaways coming soon. And follow Foodpotunity on Pinterest for more giveaways.

I have two tickets to give to one very lucky chocoholic. There are many ways to win.
1) Comment for one entry
2) Tweet the giveaway with @Frantic Foodie for another entry (every tweet is one entry, you can tweet as much as you want)
3) Like the Foodportunity Facebook page or follow Foodportunity on Pinterest (3 entries each). Just comment here to let me know. If you already liked the Facebook page then let me know and you still get the points.
4) Share on Facebook for 6 entries. Tag @Foodportunity

Good luck!


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18 responses to “Seattle Chocolate Salon and Giveaway. Win two tickets.

  1. Sophia Katt

    I can’t believe, with such an attractive reason to post a comment, that no one has yet done so. Or perhaps they are all Twittering it? What a great prize!

    • franticfoodie

      ha thanks Sophia. I tried to use a rafflecopter thing and just changed it because the link didn’t work. Good luck

  2. Sandra

    It looks great!! I can’t wait!!!!

  3. Chocolate is the drug that I love. Milk Chocolate that is!

  4. Yum! Would love to go sample chocolate with my sweetie on the last day of our vacation! Followed on Pinterest and liked on Facebook!

  5. g2-98b4a4e4abcb68d500c90630a09d6386

    Wow, this really looks like a great event! In addition to liking your facebook page, I’m going to share this with friends — know that this will be popular. :)

  6. Taylor

    I already like Foodportunity on FB :)

  7. Meena

    Yummy! What a delicious opportunity!

  8. Meena

    I already ‘like’ foodportunity on facebook! :)

  9. Meena

    Following foodportunity on pinterest!

  10. Armando

    Definitely looking forward to this event!

  11. Armando

    Tweeted, followed, liked, and shared! Whew!

  12. Ann Marie

    Excellent! I didn’t know Foodportunity was on Pinterest. Heading over to follow you there.

  13. Amy S

    I would love to win this. I LOVE chocolate!!

  14. Yeah for Chocolate! Yeah for Food blogs! Yeah for Seattle! :)

  15. Abby B.

    How fun! I’ve never heard of Seattle Chocolate Salon before but will have to keep up to date from now on for sure!

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