Day 4 Foodportunity Giveaway, Pike Place Market Recipes Cookbook

This is day 4 of the 5 day giveaway. Make sure to check back tomorrow to enter the last contest this week. Scroll down to win this book!

If there is one place in Seattle that holds the key to my heart, it is the Pike Place Market. It was the best part of writing my book the “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle“.
I just loved going to the market and eating from all the places. Sometimes I would “so call” research the same places again and again just so that I would have an excuse to pinch the produce that leads the way into the market. My favorite place to shop is Corner Produce. That is the produce place right on the corner at 1500 Pike Place. It may not be the place where you will find the most exotic produce (though you can find just about everything) but they have this little corner and there you can find dollar bags of produce. Definitely the place for someone like me who just can’t decide what to make. And there is a game I play every time. It’s called ” Make Do” and I pick up a few dollar bags and make something with whatever is in the bags. Sometimes you will find a couple avocados, or some corn on the cob, a couple mangos or even a full bag of limes. That’s where the uglier produce gets tossed to the side but we all know not to judge a book by its cover!

Local food writer Jess Thomson just came out with a book called “Pike Place Market Recipes:130 Delicious Ways to Bring Seattle’s Famous Market Home.” What you need to know about Jess comes through in everything she does. She pours her heart and soul into her writing. In this book, she basically connects you with the souls of the market and gets their recipes. But that’s not it, she also gives you tips on what to do with foods you can find like her 10 way lists where she gives you 10 inspirational things to do with ingredients. This book is jam-packed with recipes and beautiful photos that highlight the beauty of the market. This is such a nice gift for someone who likes to cook. Jess Thomson will be available at Foodportunity on June 25 to answer your questions and today’s giveaway is a copy of her book. Yes you can be one of the first to get this beautiful book. The photos are by the ever-so-talented Claire Barboza. Jess Thomson is a fantastic writer and you can read more of it here.

Networking Tip of the Day: When you meet someone new, make sure to ask about them first. We tend to spend lots of time talking about ourselves but a good networker will ask about the other person. Remember to spend your time listening. This will make you a better networker and people will be drawn to you.

Will we see you at Foodportunity?
Foodportunity is a networking event for Seattle’s food community. The event is June 25 from 6-9 pm. More information here

The giveaway!

How do you win? (Winner chosen tomorrow morning)

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3) Facebook share information about our event (5 entries)
4) Pinterest: Repin 2 things from our Foodportunity board for an entry


  1. Absolutely love Pike Place Market! We’re moving to Texas soon and will certainly miss the market since I go there ALL the time. Taking a cookbook with me will all the yummy Seattle favorite recipes would help me feel more at home in the Lone Star State! Thanks!


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