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Katie Workman, author of The Mom 100 Cookbook Comes to Foodportunity, Alice Currah and More

I am starting to feel the Foodportunity vibe, partly because there are some things left to finish up but also because I can hear people saying things like “I will see you at Foodportunity” or “I will see you on June 25”. I am a proud mama and Foodportunity is my baby (well one of them) so I love hearing these things.

This is also your reminder to buy the books in advance to be signed at the event by your favorite authors.

This time you will have the chance to meet Katie Workman, the author of the “Mom 100 Cookbook”. She is visiting Seattle and will be available to meet you and chat with you at the event.

Mom 100 Cookbook

Katie Workman is the founding editor-in-chief of Cookstr.com. She writes about food and cooking for The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, AOL Food, KitchenDaily.com, AARP.com, New York Magazine, The Boston Globe, and more. Katie previously was at Clarkson Potter for more than 12 years, where she worked on high-profile cookbooks connected to brands such as Pillsbury and the American Heart Association. The book has become a favorite of mine already with so many ideas for putting together quick dinners including many different spins on chicken, Asian recipes, Mexican recipes and food your kids will eat. I also found myself chuckling while reading it because Katie has a funny way of describing the chaos in our every day lives. It is a great book if you need to learn how to make some new basics, get lots of inspiration and especially if you are in that mode where you are too busy to think about what to make and need some inspiration for dinner.

This week, Alice Currah, of the Savory Sweet Life website released her first cookbook “Savory Sweet Life”. Alice was named on Forbes’ list of ” Eight of the Very Best Food Bloggers“. The book features her gorgeous photography with recipes set up by life events; birthdays, Christmas etc. The recipes are easy to make, crowd pleaser recipes that will make you look like you have been working for hours in the kitchen. If you follow Alice’s blog or have ever seen her in action, then you will know that this is the real deal. This lady knows how to test recipes and make them taste really great, she knows how to have fun and it will make you want to be a part of her family. Alice will be at Foodportunity to answer your cooking questions.

Alice’s new book “Savory Sweet Life”

You will get to meet some more fabulously talented authors such as Cynthia Nims, Gourmet Game Night, Thierry Rautureau’s Rover’s Coobook, Jess Thomson, Pike Place Market Recipes and Michael Natkin of the Herbivoracious Cookbook. They will all be available for conversation between 6:30-7:30 pm in the lounge.

So here is your reminder, bring your cookbooks to be signed and come ready for food and inspiration because this is going to be a great opportunity.

Here they are again…

To cook with all the ingredients in Pike Place Market, you can get this.

Eat more vegetables and cook from all over the world with this.

Invite your friends over for a party using these recipes.

Learn from Seattle’s most famous French Chef and artist.

Amy Pennington, the author of “Urban Pantry” and TV show host on Check Please Northwest will be there. She is a master gardener and her recent book, “Apartment Gardening” assures you that you can grow plants in small spaces.

And with summer coming, the “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle” is the perfect way to discover Seattle! A perfect gift for locals and visitors alike. This is my book.


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