Mobile Food Fight for Hunger This Weekend

It used to be that you could get only a few items from a food truck but now you can get everything from ice cream to bacon jam.
Food Trucks are everywhere but first you need to figure out the ones you love so you can track down their schedules.
Now is your chance.

World Concern is hosting a food truck rally in Seattle on Aug. 19 with 10 Seattle food trucks.

They will be helping raise money to fight global hunger. They are calling it the Mobile Food Fight for Hunger, and it’s your chance to try the different trucks and fight world hunger.

What is the name of your favorite food truck?

photo credit: Jackie Donnelly Baisa


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7 responses to “Mobile Food Fight for Hunger This Weekend

  1. I am so excited to try the Seattle food trucks. I go to the Portland food trucks at least once a week. My favorite down here is the fried pie truck Whiffies and Portland Soup Company.
    I hear Seattle’s Marination Station is amazing.

  2. Love so many: Sweet Treats has yummy ice cream/treats and Parfait too. Flatbread sandwiches at BigFood. And Skillet, my original food truck love:)

  3. Jenn

    I love marination mobile!

  4. Word on the street is that you’re giving away VIP tickets to this shin-dig this weekend…Well my favorite cart is “Where ya at Matt”!

  5. Totally exciting event- can I survive the heat to attend it?

  6. I hope the felafel Rastafarian is there.

  7. russell hathaway

    I’d love to go on Sunday if you have any tickets left. My neighbor owns Athena, the truck and the restaurant in West Seattle, and his gyros and falafel are bomb!

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