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Savory Sweet Life Cookbook

I have this friend, Alice. She is the friend that came to my house when I was on bedrest and ordered me not to move so she could cook dinner for my family. She walked into my house with a bag chock-full of groceries and cooked up a stew and some greens and then she walked out. Just like that. To do this, she left her 3 kids, her work and everything because she wanted to make sure that we were not hungry. I know everybody is busy but Alice Currah will always make time for her friends even when she is writing books, managing her incredibly popular and award -winning blog and juggling her family. Alice has so many life lessons to share, a conversation on the phone with her will leave me grateful and full of ideas. She always reminds me to take a step back and savor the moments.

She recently came out with a book called “Savory Sweet Life, 100 Simply Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion” named after her blog. I love this book for many reasons but the number one reason is because her food is impressive for the eyes but really easy to make. Every time I make something, people think I have been slaving for hours but in reality, everything is quick and easy. I also love that the book is organized by life experiences with chapter headers like “Snow Day”, “Welcome Home” and “Lunch Between Friends” so you don’t have to start pasting together recipes but you can choose a section and just go for it. It helps that all the ingredients are easy to find and many times already in my pantry so all I have to do is pick a recipe and go. We have made everything in the Father’s day chapter numerous times because we are kind of obsessed in this house with the peanut coconut sauce and the coconut rice. The photos are gorgeous and she took them all herself. The book is a great gift to give to a mom or anybody looking to cook impressive but not having the time to slave over the stove. Her photography is beautiful and the photos of her family are inspiring. She is a super mom and it is nice to see that if you work hard, you can have a nice balance of family and work.

Of all the things that I love about Alice is the fact that she is always ” Keeping it Real”. She is an honest person, who worked hard to get where she is; a talented photographer, cake decorator and cook. And she is always there to give good advice. Pick up her book at any bookstore and enjoy a Savory Sweet Life.

Here we are signing books together at Barnes and Noble. This was fun.


4 responses to “Savory Sweet Life Cookbook”

  1. Keren, I absolutely LOVE this cookbook and read the entire thing in under 2 hours b/c I couldn’t put it down. . like you said, the recipes are impressive but not extremely complicated and I love that, for most of them, I already have most all of the ingredients . . I would love to meet Alice one day, just to say “Thank you for writing this cookbook.”


  2. Wow – what a wonderful friend!! This story beautifully illustrates the type of person she must be 🙂 Very lovely story. And I seriously need to get this book – have heard nothing but raves!


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