Thankful. Posts That Make You Weep.

I admit it. I am a wuss. I love heartfelt posts. I love reading about people’s lives. I spend my toughest moments reading posts about people’s lives, reading their life lessons, reading their coping mechanisms and reading about being grateful. Writing is such a beautiful thing. Reading is a beautiful thing. The internet makes sure that every waking moment there is something to absorb. Since the internet, we are never alone. We now know that if we are going through something, there is always someone who has been through it and can tell their story. The day that I discovered that I could blog, my life changed forever.

My mind pulls together pieces of information like a Tetris game. Today I want to share some of my favorite reads. They are not food-related. They are posts that will make your heart swoon. Some might make you cry. But most of all you will remember why every single one of us, has a story to tell and why life is so beautiful because we are different especially because our challenges are different.

My best reads.

1. Enjoying the small things. Kelle Hampton tells the story of her daughters, one who has down-syndrome and the other, the big sister, who loves and takes care of her sister. She takes beautiful photos of her kids, they are always dressed in the prettiest outfits and she makes me cry a lot. She reminds me that life is what you make of it. Start here..

2. You probably know Jamie Lynne Grumet as the foxy mom who posed breastfeeding her son on the cover of Time. I know many of you think it was too much but of course, remember, it got your attention and got everyone talking about breastfeeding. Ok, now let’s move on. She is a mom of two boys, one adopted from Ethiopia and she breastfed them both (or still does). Visit her blog here

3. My friend Jess Thomson is an incredible writer about everything food. I love her writing but I also really love reading about her son Graham who has Cerebral Palsy. This post tells the story. Then go back and read his birth story and then go read about all about the awesome books she wrote this year.

4. My dear friend Micaela Surdi lives life to the fullest. She reminds you to enjoy life and love yourself.

We each get a package and we need to find the happiness in the package. We need to unwrap the package and think of every layer as something that WE were given. Sometimes the paper is creased, sometimes it tears, sometimes the tape gets stuck to it. At the end, every layer is something for us to learn from, something to grow with, part of our own personal gift. The wrapping paper is really ugly sometimes or tacky or unexpected but it is your job to take it and remember that it’s the thought that counts. The paper is only a reminder that there is something there, something to appreciate, something to uncover.

What are your favorite heart-to-heart blogs? Share your favorite reads..

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  1. Wonderful blogs, indeed. And guess what- I just had my first cyber-communication with Micaela this past week on the Seattle Foodies list. Now I’m more curious!


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